Urban Hieroglyphs

“Take a crayon in each hand and at the same time, draw two pictures of the same image.  The differences in the two pictures is what I find interesting...ie, the conscious/unconscious interface.  That’s what this work is about.”

Overnight, the streets and footpaths of the City bloom with images made by surveyors with their spray can styluses...colourful, mysterious messages packed with coded information.

They make their marks quickly and deftly with no pretence as to composition or design...after all, time is money.  This said, they’ve also 'unconsciously' produced work that’s rich in form and imagery.

I’ve abstracted the surveyors’ markings by liberating them from the context of the horizontal 'canvas' of the road and from contiguous markings which might provide any clues or reference.  I’ve subsequently fused hundreds of glass strips into a pixilated mosaic, further abstracting the imagery according to the dictates (and vagaries) of both the material and my own hand.  The carved surface of the work references the images’ original ‘canvas’.

Urban hieroglyph
Mysterious line and form
Conscious (unconscious)

 AHP 18/08/16