I was raised as an army brat and went to 18 different schools on military bases all over Germany and the USA. As a kid, my passions were art and design and I wanted to be an artist or an architect when I grew up.

However, when I finished high school, reality interceded. I put my art dreams aside and enrolled at the Colorado School of Mines, where six years later, I graduated as a mining engineer. For the next ten years, I worked in engineering and operations for several large coal companies in the USA and Australia. 

In 1985, my family and I migrated to Australia. At that time, I also decided to make a career change and I joined an investment bank which specialised in mining finance. In 2005, I shifted back into the coal industry where I was involved in the creation of two large mining companies, Excel Coal and Whitehaven Coal. 

I've been involved with the contemporary glass scene in Australia since 1991, when I started taking short courses in glass forming at Sydney College of the Arts (SCA). In 1994, along with Maureen Cahill, I co-founded the Ranamok Glass Prize which for twenty years promoted Contemporary Glass in Australia and New Zealand as well as helping to promote my business interests.

I retired from full-time employment in 2012 and, returning to my passions for glass and art, I established my studio in Brookvale.

My work employs kiln forming (fusing and casting) and cold working processes.

  • Born 22 May 1950 in Frankfurt, Germany (US citizen)
  • BS Mining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, 1975
  • Migrated to Australia in 1983...Australian citizenship in 1985
  • 40 year career in the mining industry and investment banking
  • Retired in 2012 and established a glass kiln forming and cold working studio in Brookvale, NSW
  • Attended numerous short courses at SCA, at Canberra Glassworks (Klaus Moje and Kirsty Rea), at Pilchuck (Warren Langley and Laurel Porcari) and at The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass (Richard Whitely).
  • Co-founder of The Ranamok Glass Prize (http://www.ranamok.com/).
  • Married with 4 children and 9 grandchildren